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Debbie Pedroso

News paintings!

At this time of quarantine I decided to start painting again, and it has been wonderful! Painting works as a therapy to help keep the mind healthy. I’m making live videos on my fanpage, get in there and leave your like! To buy my paintings visit the menu above and click BUY NOW!  

Acrylic Pour Cells, I got it!

Acrylic pouring cells create fascinating patterns and effects! As any experienced acrylic pour artist will tell you, this technique isn’t as simple as just mixing some paints and pouring them out! Striking, dynamic pieces are the result of careful technique and a precise balance of ingredients. While the practice of pouring artist paints is certainly …

My pouring paints in new size canvas 14×14!

Contemporary paintings often showcase a wide variety of special effects — especially when the imagery is abstract. Think Jackson Pollock, Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler. Many of those effects can be achieved by pouring acrylic paint. Pouring is a great way to smooth out unwanted texture, get marbleized effects, rich colored glazes and add some …

Thick Paint White Flowers Acrylic Painting

An amazing job, I’m going to paint an equal soon! Knife Painting Technique Knife painting is a form of impasto painting where the paint is applied using a painting knife, or palette knife. The paint is applied in thick layers using the edge of the knife. Impasto mediums (above) can be mixed with the paint …

Survey: Which of those 2 paintings should I do?

  Which of those 2 paintings should I do? Watch the videos below and help me to decide! FLOWERS – Video source youtube channel: Palette Knife Painting Tutorial ABSTRACT – Video source youtube channel: Jota Oliver   DEBBIE’S PAINTS