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About me:

Hi, my name is Debbie Pedroso, I’m a Brazilian artist living in Georgia. I am completely fascinated by arts, crafts and home decor.

I always liked to visit galleries and immerse myself in the shapes, colors and possibilities that art can bring us when viewing a painting…

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The Power Couple

Another new experience that I’m practicing and really enjoying creating, sculptures made of clay, epoxy, water putty among other materials, everything is being a great discovery and I’m learning new techniques day by day!

In this sculpture presented in the video below  “The POwer Couple”, i used clay to create the bodies, painted with black and silver acrylic paint. For the sides I used Furinno Hardwood and MDF base. To decorate, use glass gems in black, silver and gray tones.

New Painting!

“Green Lovers” in Abstract Modern Art Collection

I started my new collection of Modern Abstract Art recently and I really like using objects in my paintings, so I can also put out all my creativity with pieces used in general crafts. Chopped glass, gemstones, beads, fabrics, etc…I like to turn what I look at into art!

In this new painting specifically I used gemstones. You can see more details by watching the video below:



Below you can see my featured paintings collections:

Modern Art

I really enjoy working with modern art where textures or objects are also applied to the canvas.In the most of painting I used plaster to create a texture and relief…

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Art in Plywood

A manmade material prized for its great versatility, plywood appears in elements of the home as various as flooring, walls, doors, and furniture. Strong and lightweight—the product of several compressed, glued-together layers

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Knife Painting and my Forest Collection – Colors of Nature 

Currently living in Georgia and in the midst of abundant nature, my inspirations have been to paint forests, lakes, moon and sun giving a mystical touch to my art.
This other catalog with my FOREST COLLECTION is available by clicking below 

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Free Hands

Arts using only acrylic paint and brush

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Dance of Colors

I started this collection in 2018 and I really liked the element of surprise that each canvas brings me, it was a different emotion for each one of them, each one with its different abstract shapes and the incredible harmony that the mixtures of my favorite colors resulted.

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In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mandalas are an object of meditation to aid in one’s spiritual developmentIn the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mandalas are an object of meditation to aid in one’s spiritual development

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