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My name is Debbie Pedroso I was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

I always liked to visit galleries and immerse myself in the shapes, colors and possibilities that art can bring us when viewing a painting.

In 2005 I moved to Florida in the United States and had the opportunity to take classes with Giovanna Picasso, opening my horizons in oil painting. Over the time, I learned many techniques and now I express my feeling through the acrylic colors.

My desire is to transmit, through my art, a transcendental, mystical experience and all my positive energy, for the life of art lovers and collectors!

My main inspiration is surrealism and the abstract, both attract me for having the exemption of logic as an artistic expression.

Some friends advise me to create a unique style so that my art is recognized only in one glance. However, I am very creative and I definitely can’t get stuck in just one style, I prefer to create collections that reflect my current moment because I like to diversify, my mind boils with shapes, many colors and ideas, how can I get stuck in just one style? Therefore, my art is free, free to put on the screen what is in my heart at that moment.

Currently living in Georgia and in the midst of abundant nature, my inspirations have been to paint forests, lakes, moon and sun giving a mystical touch to my art.