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Name: “Purple and Chrome”

Original Canvas Size: 16×20 inches

In this beautiful abstract painting, I used purple, lilac and black acrylic paint. I also used spray to give the chrome effect.

$85.00 $50.00


Name: “Shapes and Colors”

Original Canvas Size: 18×24 inches

I’m very excited about my new collection of modern abstract art! I see an explosion of colors in this painting! Can you feel this vibration?

Artist: Debbie Pedroso

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Name: “Clock Gears”

Original Canvas Size: 18×24 inches

“In this beautiful Abstract Modern Art, I see gears from a clock, others have seen a ship’s panel radar! This is the beauty of abstract art, where each one observes and finds what vibrates in his heart! Can be used horizontally or vertically.” Artist: Debbie Pedroso

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Name: “Japanese Inspiration”

Original Canvas Size: 20×24 inches

When finishing this painting I had the feeling of being in Japan, which is a dream of mine….the soft colors, the bridge and the typical trees there. Take this inspiration to your home!

Artist: Debbie Pedroso

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Name: “Full Moon”

Original Canvas Size: 12×16 inches

Painting the moon in my paintings is always a great inspiration! I like the mysteries of the night and its tones.

Artist: Debbie Pedroso

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Name: “The Bird”

Original Canvas Size: 12×24 inches

In this picture I used the fluid painting technique that creates random shapes at the moment of the spill. I also consider it as modern abstract art. I really liked the colors I used. I named the bird because I see a bird! But since art is free from expression, what do you see?

Artist: Debbie Pedroso

185.00 $80.00BUY NOW