Debbie Pedroso

Sculpture – Universe in Motion

Another new experience that I’m learning and really enjoying creating, sculptures made of clay, epoxy, water putty among other materials

Green Lovers

If you like green colors, this is for you! I applied green gemstones and gave the art a very special charm! See more…

Square Resin Coaster | Set of 4

This beautiful set of coasters in black and silver with chopped glass sparkles will make your dinner even more special and elegant!

New!! Resin Coaster Sets of 4

I am an artist painter, and I consider myself very creative! I like to test the news I find through social networks.

Circling – Abstract Modern Art

“In this painting for my collection of abstract modern art, I used canvas, metallized acrylic paints, wire to make the circle, and chopped glass within this same circle.

Blue River

“This art was created in round plywood. I used liquid acrylic paint and silver powder.