Debbie Pedroso

Details of my new painting!

I am completely fascinated by this new painting! Made in MDF with silver and blue acrylic paints and application of chopped glass, glitter and a layer of gloss to give the art more shine! Watch the video below to see more details:

One more to my new Collection: Modern Art!

Artist: Debbie Pedroso New paint for my collection MODERN ART! I am really enjoying preparing this new collection of modern abstract art! I am applying many techniques and material in art that I had not yet used in my work, such as: Crushed Glasses, Caulk to give relief and glitter. Metallic acrylic paints give a …

Abstract Modern Art – Groove

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Abstract Modern Art

I am completely in love with this new collection: ABSTRACT MODERN ART. My mind surprises me with so many ideas of shapes, nuances and colors! In this painting I applied plaster to give relief in some points, acrylic paint, glitter and metallic paint. The result was incredible, did you like it? Artist: Debbie Pedroso Visit …

Terrace of my Dreams

This painting reflects the terrace of my dreams! With a view of a lake, very green and lots of flowers!I used acrylic paint. Artist: Debbie PedrosoCanvas Original Size: 18×24 inches FREE SHIPPING TO ALL UNITED STATES $130.00

Splash – Modern Art

I really enjoy working with modern art where textures or objects are also applied to the canvas.In this painting I used plaster to create a texture and relief with rays coming from a point on the canvas that gives this splash effect. After applying the texture, I painted with silver, blue and a lot of …