Category: Modern Art

Debbie Pedroso

Green Lovers

If you like green colors, this is for you! I applied green gemstones and gave the art a very special charm! See more…

Circling – Abstract Modern Art

“In this painting for my collection of abstract modern art, I used canvas, metallized acrylic paints, wire to make the circle, and chopped glass within this same circle.

Blue River

“This art was created in round plywood. I used liquid acrylic paint and silver powder.

Abstract Modern Art: “Clock Gears”

Original Canvas Size: 18×24 I’m very excited about my new collection of modern abstract art! I see an explosion of colors in this painting! Can you feel this vibration? Artist: Debbie Pedroso Acrylic Painting*To use horizontally Shipping to all United States

Abstract Modern Art #009

In this beautiful Abstract Modern Art, I decided to apply a fabric similar to a fishing net on the canvas, I really liked the result! I see it very elegant and different!  Artist: Debbie Pedroso Original Canvas Size(With Frame): 19.5×23 inches Material Used: Metallic acrylic paints and a fabric similar to a fishing net and …

“Clock Gears” is my new painting!

Original Canvas Size: 18×24 inches “In this beautiful Abstract Modern Art, I see gears from a clock, others have seen a ship’s panel radar! This is the beauty of abstract art, where each one observes and finds what vibrates in his heart! Can be used horizontally or vertically.” Artist: Debbie Pedroso