About Debbie

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Debbie Pedroso

Hi, my name is Debora Pedroso, I’m a Brazilian artist living in Georgia.

I am completely fascinated by arts, crafts and home decor. I created this website to expose and sell items online. 

The idea of my art is to make it affordale to any art lover like myself.

I always left galleries and exhibits very frustraded for loving the arts but not being able to afford to buy them.
I understand that the work of the artist has to be valued, after all the material is expensive and a lot of time is dedicated to get the results impeccable and beautiful works. But my greatest wish is that people who love art like myself , may also have the chance to have a unique work decorating their home.

I think art has to be for everyone and not just for those financially privileged!

Here on my site you will find great prices and obviously my work will be valued even if the cost is lower, I will be happy to be part of your home!


You can find free video lessons here on my website showing some of the techniques I use in my arts. The intention of this is to motivate you to create your own art and also to become an artist! Therefore, I ask you to also keep my motivation through a DONATION so that I can continue producing my arts and sharing with everyone!