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Abstract Modern Art

I am completely in love with this new collection: ABSTRACT MODERN ART. My mind surprises me with so many ideas of shapes, nuances and colors! In this painting I applied plaster to give relief in some points, acrylic paint, glitter and metallic paint. The result was incredible, did you like it? Artist: Debbie Pedroso Visit…
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Acrylic Paintings in MDF

Acrylic Paintings in MDF: Original size 48×24 inches I used acrylic paint for this beautiful image of the sea. The shade of blue was beautiful and contracted with the shades of the flowering tree in yellow. I like the option of painting on MDF type wood, because a canvas of the same size is more…
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Knife Painting

What is painting with a palette knife called? Palette knife painting is a term used to describe the impasto technique of applying paint to canvas using a painting knife. 19th-century master painter Vincent van Gogh is one artist who was known to use the method. A painting knife is an artist’s tool with a flexible steel blade used to apply paint…
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