Women Faces

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Women Faces

Some friends advise me to create a unique style so that my art is recognized only in one glance. However, I am very creative and I definitely can’t get stuck in just one style, I like to diversify, my mind boils with shapes, many colors and ideas, how can I get stuck in just one style? Therefore, my art is free, free to put on the screen what is in my heart at that moment.
This painting made me go back to the past a little bit, at the beginning when I painted some pictures with this idea of ​​stylized faces. As I don’t have the perfect drawing technique, I like the freedom that the abstract gives me, without the commitment to perfection.
I really liked the result of this painting, I hope you like it too!

Name: Women Faces
Canvas Original size: 16×20 inches
Artist: Debbie Pedroso
Facebook: https://facebook.com/debbieartsga
Instagram: https://instagram.com/debbieartsga
Youtube Channel: https://youtube.com

Price: $140.00

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