Abstract Modern Art #006

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Abstract Modern Art #006


Original size: 24×48 in | 61×122 cm


This painting was made in Plywood and I used gold metallic spray paint with glitter and also metallic acrylic paints. It can be used vertically or horizontally.
The wood effect across the screen gave me a depth effect that I really liked!
Artist: Debbie Pedroso


Usually when I start a painting I don’t have the idea formed in my head, I usually let the shapes and colors guide me to the final result.

It has been a great pleasure to create this collection that gives me the freedom to put the harmony of my favorite colors on canvas.

The colors in general gave a very classic tone to the painting, ideal for an environment decorated with wooden furniture.


A manmade material prized for its great versatility, plywood appears in elements of the home as various as flooring, walls, doors, and furniture. Strong and lightweight—the product of several compressed, glued-together layers

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Dimensions122 × 61 in


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